Friday, February 22, 2008

His own words

As a professional magazine writer/editor and an aspiring author, the anecdotes about Obama in this TNR piece really impressed me. The guy has written both of his books with minimal editing and without the help of a hotshot ghostwriter (although, as Jason Zengerle notes, he did consult with political and policy advisors while writing The Audacity of Hope.) I would think that’s highly uncommon for a political figure, based on the written communication skills I’ve seen of many successful entrepreneurs and executives. (Granted, not many of the ones I know have law degrees from Harvard.)

BTW, how do I get myself in a position to make $120,000 to write someone else’s autobiography? Anybody have Barbara Feinman’s cell number? Does she have a MySpace page?

More Obamaganda: Via Matt Y., Jake Tapper has evidently verified the anecdote Barack related about the Army platoon having to hunt for discarded Taliban weapons by contacting the captain he referenced. Boo-ya, motherfuckers! Er, I mean…take that, conservative blogosphere.

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