Sunday, February 24, 2008

100-percent chance of shitstorms

I told you Hillary wasn't done yet. To be honest, I'm much more worried about this whole Weather Underground business* than some allegedly fearmongering health care mailer (try saying those last four words with a straight face.) Barack needs to come clean about his relationship with this Ayers fellow. If he only visited the guy's house that one time, he should say so. The Republicans are already grousing over such minutiae as that oh-so-scandalous photo of Obama not holding his hand to his heart during the pledge and his decision not to wear a flag pin on his lapel. Can you imagine what they'll be able to do with this? The Swift Boat thing will seem like...well, like an attack over health care mailers. And the slime they've begun to throw is sticking...CNN is evidently polling its viewers on whether or not they believe Obama is sufficiently patriotic to serve as president.

The Clintons may not bring up the Ayers thing...Hillary won't want to beat the GOP to the punch if Obama ends up being the nominee. As for Bill...well, he can't really claim the moral highground on this front, now can he?

On the bright side, it appears as though she's finally approaching shark-infested waters with a pair of skis.

Oh, and will someone tell Old Man Nader that presidential campaigns are only for young, spry playboys like...John McCain?

*Is is just me, or did the headline on the Ben Smith story linked here once read, "Obama once visited '60s terrorists" and not "radicals"?

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