Friday, November 09, 2007

Not dead yet

Looks like the stroke I had over that horrendous start was premature. Mercifully, the line play has improved. You can see it in the way Brees has caught fire and in the fact that Bush has managed 4.6 yards per carry in the four victories. And the resurgence of Marques Colston was long overdue. The remaining schedule looks a lot more manageable with Chicago and Philadelphia looking like disappointments, but you have to be wary of teams like 0-8 St. Louis, who will no doubt sneak up on someone, at some point.

As far as winning the division goes, Tampa Bay plays absolutely no one other than our boys, Dec. 2. I can’t see Carolina making the playoffs with the three-headed quarterbacking monster of Vinny, Carr and that Matt Moore dude. And I threw Atlanta out of the running a long, long time ago.

In other news, the Patriots will lose when you least expect it. Or at the Giants. Or maybe not for another year.

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