Friday, November 09, 2007

More Mr. Nice Guy

While it does confirm and solidify my respect and support for Obama, this interview in the Washington Post kind of strikes me as an unintentional resignation of sorts. However unfair we may think the attacks on his timidity, negativity is really what he needs to slay the hydra that is Hillary, if that objective is in any way realistic at this juncture. I mean, if he’s not willing to go medieval on her, how’s he going to measure up against Mayor Nosferatu?

Those of us who are familiar with Louisiana politics and are looking for a silver lining may recall the Blanco-Jindal gubernatorial race of ’03. Many observers felt Jindal shot himself in the foot by refusing to go negative (although probably more attributed his defeat to racism, especially in the rural areas.) All it took was one lackluster Blanco term - and, to be exact, one of the most destructive natural disasters in American history - for Louisianans to change their minds about Jindal. He stayed true to himself, and all it got him was the state’s highest office, only after KatRita instead of before.

If Clinton gets knocked off in an uncommonly vicious general election (and we know how much Rudy likes a good fight), Democrats may very well seek someone with unassailable character and real, unrehearsed integrity in ’12. Assuming that Obama doesn’t get caught with a hooker or something.

Then again, provided that she isn’t the victim of political (or actual) murder next year, it’s easy to see the Dems playing it safe and allowing her to challenge a President Giuliani who will almost certainly have pissed off whoever in the world already isn’t by 2011.

They’ve played it safe before. John Kerry wasn’t the favorite going into Iowa, but it’s not hard to imagine what kind of reservations among voters propelled him to victory over pre-scream Dean. And let’s face it - Kerry did come relatively close to bringing down Bush. Hillary is that safe candidate, but with a hell of a lot more firepower. This is not an endorsement by any means, but we are electing a war president here.

That WaPo interview couldn’t have come at a worse time…Andrew Sullivan’s big Atlantic Monthly piece about why we should all get on the Obama train just went online a few days ago and is getting into mailboxes as we speak. Consarnit!

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