Friday, November 02, 2007

Darkness in the White House

“I just don’t think America’s ready for a black president.”

This country’s had two secretaries of state in the post-9/11 period. The current one is perhaps the closest adviser to the leader of the free world. Her predecessor is arguably more qualified to sit in the Oval Office than any of the current candidates on either side. What do they have in common, besides having held the office of the nation’s top foreign diplomat during the War on Diplomacy…I mean the War on Terror?

Sure, the black president may raise your taxes, but it ain’t like he’s going to do it with a switchblade to your throat. There will be no dice games on the steps of the U.N. with the presidents of Syria and Iran. Here’s my question…is America ready to be run by a power-mad, egomaniacal lawyer from New York with questionable ethics? The way things are going right now, we may not have a choice.

While we’re on the subject of candidates…what is it about sexagenarian politicians who look like basset hounds and/or chipmunks that the honeys just can’t resist?

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