Thursday, September 06, 2007

My forecast

This is how I think it’ll all shake out. I was right on the nose with picking Indy to win it all last year, but less so in forecasting that they’d defeat the mighty Redskins.

AFC East:

1. New England
2. New York Jets
3. Buffalo
4. Miami

AFC North:

1. Baltimore
2. Pittsburgh*
3. Cincinnati
4. Cleveland

AFC South:

1. Indianapolis
2. Jacksonville
3. Tennessee
4. Houston

AFC West

1. San Diego
2. Denver*
3. Kansas City
4. Oakland

NFC East

1. Philadelphia
2. Dallas*
3. Washington
4. New York Giants

NFC North

1. Chicago
2. Green Bay
3. Minnesota
4. Detroit

NFC South

1. New Orleans
2. Carolina
3. Tampa Bay
4. Atlanta

NFC West

1. Seattle
2. St. Louis*
3. Arizona
4. San Francisco

AFC Wild Card: San Diego over Pittsburgh, Baltimore over Denver
AFC Divisional Playoffs: New England over San Diego, Indianapolis over Baltimore
AFC Championship: New England over Indianapolis

NFC Wild Card: St. Louis over Philadelphia, New Orleans over Dallas
NFC Divisional Playoffs: Seattle over St. Louis, Chicago over New Orleans
NFC Championship: Seattle over Chicago

Super Bowl XLII: New England over Seattle

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