Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ahh you readaay fo’ some amateur prognostication?

I don’t know about you, but I’m in the mood to start talking about some fuckin’ football.

I know it’s early, but, as they say on ESPN, there’s no offseason. Of course there isn’t, precisely because ESPN perpetuates its coverage of the NFL year-round. I like that. I find the NBA boring, I have no respect for Major League Baseball right now, and I think the NHL should just go ahead and fold. And don’t even get me started on NASCAR.

Anyway, pretty soon I’ll start projecting final standings for each division. After that, I’ll provide my playoff picks, and ultimately announce my pick for the Super Bowl. You will most likely bookmark all of my posts and be awed in February when my gift of uncanny foresight becomes evident. You may also be compelled to pay me a sum of money to advise you on your fantasy picks for the ensuing season.

I should note that my analysis is always based on a very pedestrian knowledge of the league and its teams. No X’s and O’s here. Just what my gut tells me. And I usually give those who actually cover the league a run for their money. I picked Indianapolis to go all the way back in August. Peter King and Dr. Z did not. I can’t even begin to imagine their embarrassment.

You may want to put off calling your bookie until I get through.

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